Tips For Writing a Bio

Creating a strong, solid resume involves several steps, which, when taken together, prove fruitful for an improved resume. Simple enough in them, it is important to actually go through and check that all the elements needed for a strong resume appear. First of all, an aesthetically clean, grammatically correct, and clear resume is a must. This indicates a well-educated and polished individual. The resume must be well organized and focused to be considered.

While writing a resume one should keep in mind the following points.

  1. Grammar, spelling, punctuation: Make sure that you use all the right grammar and spellings. Relying entirely on built-in spellcheckers can be futile at times so it is advised to get a print of your copy and read and analyze it critically word by word.
  2.  Capitalization: If you aren’t aware of the capitalization, then you would want to look over the Gregg Manual for reference. This manual can help you with all the capitalization rules to make sure that your resume is entirely error free.
  3. 3.      Punctuation: The Punctuation should be exact and immaculate. Make sure that all the commas, colons and semi-colons are placed properly. Yet again make Gregg reference manual your best friend and seek exact rules for putting in right punctuation.
  4. 4.       Run-on sentences: Check to make sure you do not have run-ons that are hard to read.
  5. 5.       Consistency: You must be consistent with your number usage syntax as for  dates, money, numbers, plurals, and abbreviations. For instance, try not to list date as 07/11/2014 and then list another date as 11/07/2014. Also, while listing the abbreviations for software, be consistent. As MS Word and Microsoft Outlook are both correct, but are not consistent.
  6. Education section: While adding your education criteria remember only add your degree obtaining date. Most of us tend to add the entire period which goes un noticed through the resume scanners. Just be specific, the more specific and to the poibt your resume will be the more effective it will be.
  7. Hyperlinks: If you have put in any email or web addresses be sure to deactivate them. Highlight the link, go to “Insert” select “hyperlink from the drop down menu and remove hyperlinks. Alternatively, you can highlight the link, right click on it, and scroll down to “remove link” to deactivate the link.
  8. Organized: The resume must be well organized and focused to be considered. In other words, include only previous employments that apply to the new job which you want in most relevant order. In the process of polishing up your resume, be sure that it stays interesting to the perspective employer.
  9. Task specific: Your resume should be specific to each job to which you are applying, and your resume should speak for you as to why you are the right candidate. Your resume represents you, so the impression your resume makes is the impression that you have made.

Keep in mind these simple and easy steps while building up your resume, and nail the job!

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